Top-Class Sightseeing Attractions in Trat

Located in the east of Thailand, Trat province is a holiday destination capable of appealing to all visitors. It offers diverse activities covering a broad base of interests. Trat’s coastal location ensures plenty of opportunities for relaxing on scenic beaches or enjoying water sports, while some of the forested areas on the islands offer excellent trekking and hiking possibilities. Trat also offers an assortment of cultural attractions and numerous renowned heritage sites. Some examples are described below.
Koh Chang, the largest island in the province and the second largest in Thailand, offers stunning coastal scenery, clean and relatively uncrowded beaches, and lush forested wildernesses. The two-kilometer-long White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao) is the longest stretch of beach and the island’s most developed resort. Many developed beaches on Koh Chang have facilities for a wide range of water sports. Local operators provide the equipment and know-how to allow visitors to pursue activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing.Waterfalls and untamed mangrove areas can be found with a little in-land exploring.
Ko Chang Naval Battle Memorial at Laem Ngop commemorates the Franco-Thai naval engagement on 17-21 January 1941. There is also the Statue of Prince Chumphon, father of the Thai navy, and a warship-shaped museum displaying old equipment and armament of the fleet, with exhibits on the Ko Chang naval battle.
Wat Buppharam, the province’s oldest temple, was built around the reign of King Prasat Thong (1648 A.D.). Lately, a temple museum was established and the temple’s landscape has been well maintained, so it has become a local religious center.
Residang Kampot, a former residence now used as the Office of Probation, Department of Corrections, still in its original architectural style.

Elephant Trekking. Tour operators on Koh Chang offer elephant trekking excursions through the island’s untamed wilderness. Besides the thrill of riding atop these magnificent beasts, visitors will enjoy viewing the vast selection of flora and fauna on offer.
Monkey Training Center. Located at Hat Sai Khao, the centrer provides training as well as shows of monkey’s abilities, especially in collecting coconuts.

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