RCB Film Club’s SEPTEMBER MOVIES- 4 Dynamic Movies from 4 Diverse Countries !





RCB Film Club is proud to present in September, four dynamic films by four  individualistic Directors, that won awards and created waves at festivals around the world. The diverse films include three award-winning movies  from Asia, and a brilliant Oscar-winning movie from Argentine.



THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES’ (‘El secreto de sus ojos’), ARGENTINA

Directed by Juan Jose Campanella

2 Hrs 9 mins


(With ENGLISH Sub-Titles)

VENUE: RIVER CITY FORUM ( 2ND Floor, River City Bangkok)


We are delighted to screen as our Opening Film, one of the most-awarded and talked-about movies from Argentine. It won more than 50 international awards, including the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2010.It was also the second-highest grossing Argentinian film, in history.  In a 2016 poll of international critics for  BBC, it was voted ‘One of the 100 greatest motion pictures since 2000.’

The Secret in their eyes’ is a riveting crime thriller, legal drama, love story, rolled into one. The unique story centers around a rape-and murder case which is re-visited 25 years after it was committed. Legal Counsel Benjamin Esposito is obsessed by the case not being solved, and decides to write a fictional book about it, for which he visits his boss, Judge Irene Mendez Hastings. It revives old events, feelings, memories. It also brings to a close to the murder case, in a shock ending. It finally brings a close to their own relationship, in an unexpected ending.

The highlight of the film lies in the close-ups and the ‘eyes’ of the cast, which reveal a lot of untold ‘secrets’. This is especially true of the lead protagonists brilliantly played by the country’s famed actor Ricardo Darin and supported by actress Soledad Villamil.

The 2009 Argentinian film was re-made, as a Hollywood thriller in 2015, directed by Billy Ray, with top actresses Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman in pivotal roles.




Variety: ‘The Secret in their eyes’ is simply mesmerizing!

Rolling Stone: ‘You won’t be able to get this supremely intelligent and deeply touching thriller out of your head!’

San Francisco Chronicle: ‘The Director’s emotions are true. He feels them, and he makes the audience feel them.’ 

The film event is supported by the Embassy of Argentina, who will serve drinks and snacks, after the screening.

The Ambassador of Argentina HE Ms Alicia Sonschein, will introduce the film.





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Directed by Rubaiyat Hossain

1Hr 28 Mins

(With ENGLISH Sub-Titles )


Venue: RCB FORUM ( 2nd Floor, River City Bangkok )


We are proud to screen a film from Bangladesh, which has won prestigious awards and accolades at numerous festivals around the world. It was also the Opening Film of the Dhaka International Film Festival.

The young director of the film Rubaiyat Hossain, did Women’s Studies in the US and is currently doing Film Studies at the famed Tisch School of Arts in New York. She hops between Bangladesh and the US, and infact has started a film production company in Dhaka, Khona Talkies, to support talented film-makers from her country.

Under Construction is a woman-centric film, where apart from the characters being mostly women, the crew members were also female, as the Director strongly believes in the strength of woman-power.

The film delineates woman-power through the character of Roya, who tries to break out of stereotypes, both in her personal life as a middle-class housewife and in her professional life as a stage actress.

She does not want to be a typical housewife at home, including having a child, which disturbs her otherwise-cool husband. At work, she tries to re-interpret the role of the female protagonist ‘Nandini’, in the famed play Red Oleanders by Nobel Laureate author Rabindranath Tagore, which shocks her stage- director. The only person who seems to understand her, is the US-based theatre curator Imtiaz, and they are strongly drawn to each other.

Two other women characters, including her fiercely independent mother, and her strong-minded maid, make the film more interesting.

There are dream sequences, surreal images, and the film works on a symbolistic level as much as the realistic one. It is a unique and exciting artistic endeavor from Bangladesh. The excellent cast add to the strength and enjoyment of a unique and thought-provoking film, which was screened at more than 30 film festivals around the world, won many prestigious awards, and had an international release, including  seven cities in France.







The Daily Star: ‘The complexity of the story deserves two thumbs up. the symbolism is striking, and the dialogues are pure gold.’

easternKicks: ‘Under Construction is delicate and dynamic.’

www.dailyuw.com: ‘There’s a lot being built in ‘Under Construction’, from the expanding infrastructure of urban Bangladesh, to the transforming identities of its modern women. ‘


The film event is supported by the Embassy of Bangladesh, who will serve drinks and snacks, after the screening, courtesy Eastern Bank Limited.


Ambassador of Bangladesh H.E. Ms Saida Muna Tasneem will introduce the film.








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Directed by Tom Waller

1Hr 30 Mins


(THAI, With ENGLISH Sub-Titles)

VENUE- RCB FORUM ( 2ND Floor, River City Bangkok)


In the presence of  Director TOM WALLER and Lead Actor VITHAYA PANSRINGARM, who will do a ‘ Q & A’,  after the screening.


We are delighted to screen an unusual and exciting Thai film, that created waves in the country and at many overseas festivals. Based on the ‘Father Ananda Mystery’ novels by noted Bangkok-based American author Nick Wilgus, the movie is a mixture of a crime thriller and religious drama. It is directed by well-known Thai-Irish film-maker Tom Waller and stars the marvelous actor Vithaya Pansringarm in the lead.

The film opens with the corpse of a young, homeless monk found in a Buddhist monastery. As the cops don’t seem to be too bothered, Father Ananda of the monastery, formerly a homicide detective, decides to investigate

He travels through the canals and streets of the city, to seek the truth, and is shocked to learn that all is not holy within his monastery.

The tension remains high till the end, as everyone in the monastery seems suspect. Father Ananda hears of corruption, drugs, crimes, homosexuality, and digs deeper into the morass of immorality abounding in his monastery.

The soothing visuals of Bangkok are a highlight of the film, especially when set against the murky insides of the ‘peaceful’ monastery.

Another highlight is the performances of the ensemble cast, portraying a wide array of monks and cops. The exciting cast includes rapper Way Prinya of the Thai Titanium band as a junior monk, Kaew Charina Sirisinha of Zaza as a newspaper reporter, veteran actor Jaran Petcharoen, and former Ms Universe Natalie Glebova in a cameo appearance.

Mindfulness and Murder is a topical film today, especially in relation to the recent reports of corruption and arrests, in many monasteries and religious offices.

Surprisingly, there were no ‘cuts’ imposed by the Thai Censors, when this edgy, controversial movie was made in 2011. Infact, it not only got a public release in Bangkok, but was nominated for five National Awards. It was also screened internationally in more than 20 film festivals around the world.

We are delighted that the Director of the film Tom Waller and lead actor Vithaya Pansringarm, who have both done many international productions, will attend the screening and do a Q & A, after the screening.

Tom Waller has produced international films like The Elephant King, Soi Cowboy, and this is his directorial debut in Thai films.

Vithaya Pansringarm has acted in well-known international films like Hangover 2, Largo Winch 2. But he hit the world-headlines, when he teamed up with Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling, in famed director Nicolas Refn’s much talked-about film Only God Forgives, which was screened in Competition, at the prestigious Cannes Festival.

We are also delighted that our friend and neighbor, the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, has kindly offered to serve Thai snacks and desserts, to celebrate the screening of this noteworthy Thai film.



Mindfulness and Murder (2011) – Dir. Tom Waller – HD trailer from De Warrenne Pictures on Vimeo.


Variety: ‘Buddhist murder mystery “Mindfulness and Murder” is a visually lush curiosity that blends an Agatha Christie-like structure with luxurious visuals.’

Nation: ‘Fine performances keep the movie clicking along.’ ===========================================================











Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian

1Hr 51 Mins



(With ENGLISH Sub-Titles)


VENUE:  RCB FORUM (2nd Floor, River City Bangkok)




In the presence of the Director of the film, JEFFREY

JETURIAN, who will do a Q & A, after the screening.



We are delighted that our Closing Film is a memorable movie from Philippines, which was a critical and commercial hit. It won many local awards, as well as Audience Awards at several film festivals around the world.


Directed by well-known Filipino film-maker Jeffrey Jeturian, the movie stars Vilma Santos, one of the top actresses of the country, who has acted in more than 200 movies. She is a very well-respected artiste, who also served as the Mayor of Lipa City for three terms, and as Governor of Batangas province for three terms.

In the film, the famous actress plays the role of a ‘bit player’, the lowest category of artistes in a film-unit, who is willing to say or do anything just to get a ‘bit’ role in a film.

The movie is a film-within-a film, and centers around a day in the life of numerous ‘bit players’ during the shooting of a melodramatic TV serial. They stay on the sets from morning to evening, are herded from one place to another, with no idea what role they would play or when they would be called on the sets. But they never lose sight of their dreams.

It is a funny, moving, thought-provoking story that balances between an energetic comedy and a moving drama. It is this balance that accounts for the strength and enjoyment of this vibrant socio-realist story, that won audiences at festivals around the world.

The highlight of the film, of course, is the monumental performance of the lead star Vilma Santos She is supported by an ensemble cast of wonderful Filipino artistes, who contribute towards the making of an unforgettable film.


We are delighted that the director of the film, JEFFREY JETURIAN, will attend the film screening, and do a Q & A, after the screening.

Like the Bit Player, Jeturian’s career graph started at the bottom, and he made his way up, from production assistant, to script continuity assistant, art director, production designer, assistant director, and finally, television director and film director. In his 15-year career, he has made more than 10 films and 10 TV serials. Having won more than 25 awards, he is today one of the well-known film-makers of the Philippines.




Ekstra (The Bit Player) [2013] Trailer from Quantum Post on Vimeo.




Variety: ‘Anchored by a glowing central performance by Filipino screen queen Vilma Santo, s the film represents a fine feather in the cap of veteran helmer Jeffrey Jeturian.’

Eriklundegaard.com: ‘Soap operas may be about wish-fulfillment fantasy, but ‘The Bit Player’ is about identification.’

www.pep.ph/guide/movies: ‘It’s easy to dismiss the movie as a simple comedy, with its hilarious lines and seemingly absurd sequences, but it shows us the harsh reality that ‘bit players’ are subjected to.’

The film event is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines in Bangkok, who will serve drinks and snacks after the screening.


The Ambassador of Philippines, HE Ms Mary Jo A. Bernardo-Aragon, will introduce the film.







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