Residents warned to take preventative measures against stroke

Medical officials from Chulalongkorn Hospital have urged residents to take preventative measures against stroke by exercising regularly, following a healthy diet and being in a happy mood.

The advice came during a recent seminar on the disease, marking the World Stroke Day on October 29th. Dr. Nijasri Charnnarong , the head of the Chulalongkorn Stroke Center, informed citizens that mini-strokes and strokes are responsible for a large number of deaths nowadays. She said the two variations of stroke are caused by an age factor, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, being overweight, and palpitations. These illnesses and irregularities can form a blood clot in one of the arteries that supply blood to the brain, reducing or blocking the blood flow. In a severe case, the clot could sever the arteries causing brain damage.

Key symptoms of strokes include numbness in the face, paralysis in either left or right side limbs, being unable to speak clearly, mouth deformation, acute headaches, sudden dizziness, blurry or double vision, one eye blindness and being unable to stand upright. Patients are at risk of death or developing permanent impairments if not receiving treatment within four hours.

Dr. Nijasri said that the best preventative measures against both variations of stroke are exercising regularly, consuming healthy food, and staying in a happy mood.

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