Psychiatrists issue guidelines for interviews with Luang cave 13

– The Department of Mental Health (DMH) and Psychiatric Association of Thailand have issued recommendations to media members who intend to interview any of the boys being rescued from Luang cave in Chiang Rai, encouraging them to ask only positive questions, so as to help in their rehabilitation.

DMH Director-General Sqd Leader Dr Boonruang Trairuangworawat, said today that preparations have been made to rehabilitate the 13 members of Moo Pa Academy youth football team that went missing in Luang cave on June 23 both mentally and physically but noted concern that media attention on the children may unintentionally traumatize them. The department and the Psychiatric Association of Thailand have thus drafted guidelines for those interviewing any of the 12 boys or their coach. Journalists are asked to adhere to two recommendations, first, that interviews only be sought after the team members have had a chance to recuperate and spend time with their families, and second, that lines of questioning focus on positive messages such as how the children kept their spirits up or suggestions for other people who may face similar situations.

Director of Suan Prung Hospital in Chiang Mai Dr. Toranin Kongsuk, asked media members to avoid questions that evoke negative emotions and questioning the same individuals repeatedly, making them relive the trauma. He also urged media outlets not to over sensationalize the story as it may have a negative impact on viewers, suggesting that ways to relieve stress be presented throughout stories related to the ordeal of those stranded in the cave.

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