Mukdahan province takes ashes of funeral flowers to Mekong River

Community leaders in the northeastern province of Mukdahan have performed a religious ceremony to scatter the ashes of funeral flowers in the Mekong River.
Provincial Governor Paitun Rakpratet led local officers and members of the public in a religious ceremony in front of the city hall. Performed by 9 Buddhist monks, the undertaking was meant to pay homage to HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and to move the urn containing ashes of sandalwood flowers to the Mekong River where the ashes will be floated away.
The artificial flowers were burned as part of the nationwide royal cremation ceremony on Thursday evening.
Afterwards, the governor chaired a ceremony to transfer the remaining ashes of the flowers, a royal lantern, and a nine-tiered umbrella to Wat Si Mongkhon Tai, where they will be kept.

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