“BOI Fair 2011” expected to boost investor confidence

Thailand kicks off the year of the dragon with “BOI FAIR 2011”, to be held during 5-20th January 2012, with the purpose of rebuilding investor confidence in Thailand in the aftermath of the flood crisis.
Government and private sectors have spent more than 2 billion baht getting the Muangthong Thani area ready for the 16-day fair, which is organised under the concept of “Going Green for the Future”. Consisting of an outdoor pavilion and an indoor exhibition hall, the fair will showcase Thailand’s latest innovations as well as sell low-priced products to aid post-flood victims.
Industry Minister Wannarat Channukul and BOI Secretary-General Atchaka Sibunruang have high hope of the BOI Fair 2011 boosting investor confidence in Thailand. So far, around 500 executives from leading international companies around the world have agreed to attend the fair’s CEO Forum.
It is anticipated that the country’s domestic consumption would increase by more than 2 billion baht from product sales. Additionally, more than 3 billion baht will flow into the economy as a result of business negotiations between Thai and foreign investors. Foreign investment and business expansion is expected to grow constantly throughout 2012, with an income of no less than 700 billion baht.
The BOI Fair 2011 will be held at Impact Muang Thong Thani during 5-20th January 2012 between 08.00-22.00h.

Source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255501040015

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