5th Royal Canin International Cat Show 2019’ from 8th – 10th March 2019 at BCC Hall, 5th floor, CentralPlaza Ladprao

Meet the purrfect world-class award-winning pedigree cats attending competition in Thailand, a spectacular event cat lovers must not miss…

CentralPlaza Lardprao and the Cat Fanciers’ Club of Thailand (CFCT) are holding the “5th Royal Canin International Cat Show 2019” from 8th to 10th March 2019 at BCC Hall, 5th floor, CentralPlaza Lardprao. The event will be held to promote and encourage greater development for cats and owners and to give the opportunity for an international competition. This is the first time that Thailand is presenting its standard cat breeds, thanks to the collaboration of Thai cat farms and the Thailand Cat Club (TCC). This free-of-charge event will also help supporting Thai tourism.


Special Highlights:

– Cat contests for Thai breeds, for all international cat breeds with pedigree certificates from various associations, for castrated cats and mixed-breed cats (4 Rings).

– Judges have been certified by the international Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

– International cat competitions certified by CFA 8 Rings Standard.

– Meet the chunky ‘Barrol’, a popular celebrity cat who will be presented at the booth of Thonglor Pet Hospital, where experts and veterinarians will offer free consultations, health-checkups, anti-flea drops and rabies vaccinations for your pets.

– Discover celebrity cats such as Barrol from the ‘JowBarrol’ Facebook page, Johnny The Copper Cat, Hachi Hane from the Hashiharit Facebook page, Meeboon from the Meeboon Facebook page, and superstar cats from the MEO Me & You Series, who will create a fun vibeat the event.

– There will be a variety of choices for pet food and interesting items which are ideal for pet lovers.

– A ‘Free’ DIY corner for cat lovers will be run by the CFCT.

– There will be cat sterilization services and ‘Find a home for stray cats’ with ‘Rakmaew’ for theStray Cats Foundation, supported by the CFCT.

Enjoy all these activities at the ‘5th Royal Canin International Cat Show 2019’ from 8 th to 10 th March 2019 at BCC Hall, 5 th floor, CentralPlaza Lardprao.





For further information and full details, please contact:Viritsamalar Aroonlert, Corporate Communications, Central Pattana plcTel: 098 282 9559 or Call Center 0-2635-1111

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