Vegetarian Festival in full swing nationwide

Business has picked up significantly on Yaowarat Road in Bangkok now that the Vegetarian Festival is in full swing with both Thais and foreigners buying vegetarian food to join in the tradition.

Festivities have also kicked off in Phuket province where the Jui Tui Shrine has engaged in a Ko Teng pole lifting ceremony to signify the start of the Vegetarian Festival. The shrine is to host a variety of activities over the nine days of the festival, including displays of supernatural feats believed to be possible during the annual happening.

In Songkhla province, Thais of Chinese descent in Hat Yai district also lifted a Ko Teng pole with the Tao Bo Keng Foundation providing vegetarian dishes to attendants.

On Bangkok’s Yaowarat Road, a ceremony was held to call upon the Nine Emperor Gods, which are believed to bestow blessings upon those that engage in the festival. People of Chinese heritage have been seen donning white and taking part in spiritual ceremonies since the start of the tradition, most saying they are wishing for health for their families.

Tai Hong Kong Shrine has prepared two vegetarian meal dispensaries for those taking part in the celebration. The meals are free and available three times a day from 7-9AM, 11AM-1PM and 4-5.30PM.

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