Preparations made for Bike Un Ai Rak rehearsal this Sunday

 The major rehearsal for the Bike Un Ai Rak cycling event in Bangkok this Sunday, December 2nd will begin with registration at noon before cyclists begin riding at 3p.m..

The rehearsal will fully simulate the actual event and include the closure of 24 roads from noon to 7p.m.. The event, set to take place on December 9 to kick off the Un Ai Rak Khlai Kwam Nao Streams of Rattanakosin Fair, will be led by His Majesty the King, who will be riding a 39 kilometer route from Dusit Palace to Lad Poh Park in Samut Prakan province.

For the rehearsal, participants are being asked to wear yellow or blue shirts and to arrive on time to register at one of nine places; in front of Dusit Palace, Lan Khon Muang , the Royal Turf Club, Sanam Luang, Somdech Phra Pinklao Hospital, Taksin Intersection, Indarapitak Road, Phra Pra Daeng Arcade and the Supanawa Group Warehouse.

Road closures will be in effect both along the cycling route and on bypass roads. Nine parking areas have been prepared to accommodate a total 27,000 vehicles. Citizens are being asked to avoid the affected areas and to use public transport during the time of the rehearsal. Information can be found at or at the Bike Un Ai Rak Facebook page.

Army Region 1 Commander Lt Gen Narongphan Jitkaeotae has conducted a rehearsal of security detail for his Majesty the King as well as protection of riders in the Bike Un Ai Rak event. The rehearsal included congestion, 20 risk spots, hard turns, inclines, narrow passes and steep roads. Soldiers have installed signs to warn riders where they need to slow down to between 15 and 20 kph, and placed special warnings 200 and 50 meters ahead of risk spots. More personnel will be stationed on the day to advise participants on safety.

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