This year many goods sold cheaper prior to Chinese New Year

Prices of many goods before the Chinese New Year festival are found to be cheaper than last year, except chicken and orange, according to the Department of Internal Trade (DIT).
DIT Director-General Vatchari Vimooktayon on Friday unveiled the survey on product prices during the five-day period before the Chinese New Year festival. She said the DIT believed that when the festival comes during 1-3 February 2011 prices would generally be lower than last year, or otherwise they should increase only slightly in accordance with the market mechanism.
Streaky pork this year is sold at 108-110 THB/kilogram, cheaper than 115-120 THB/kilogram last year. However, fresh whole chicken price increases to 66-68 THB/kilogram from last year’s price of 65-66 THB/kilogram.

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