Thai Police ready to secure by-elections on 31 July

The Royal Thai Police is ready to dispatch over 1,600 officers to secure by-elections in Nong Khai and Sukhothai as well as the ballot recount in Yala on 31 July, believing the situation will be peaceful.
Ahead of the two by-elections to be held this Sunday for Constituency 2 of Nong Khai and Constituency 3 of Sukhothai, National Police Advisor Police General Pongsapat Pongcharoen stated that up to 1,650 police officers would be sent out to the polling stations to provide security. He voiced confidence that there would be no untoward incidents and the voting process would go on smoothly.
According to the Police Advisor, the voting ballots have already been delivered to local electoral officials and the counting process is expected to be finished no later than 20.00 hrs on the same day.
As for the ballot recount for Constituency 2 of Yala, a total of 170 ballot boxes, which have been kept at Lam Mai Police Station since the 3 July election, will be brought to the local youth center for the counting process at 8.00 hrs. The result is expected by noon.
Pol Gen Pongsapat expressed concern over the activities of observers and political supporters in Yala’s Constituency 2 as the area was one of the red zones. He thus insisted that close monitoring would be necessary.


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